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Environmental Disaster – Beirut

You’ve probably heard this news by now:  A major explosion happened on Tuesday August 4th in the capital of Lebanon, Beirut. While not nuclear, some say it’s the most destructive explosion in record after Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  News outlets all over the world have reported on it, you can follow here

While the cause of this explosion remains unknown, at the very least associated with governmental criminal negligence, the environmental disaster is beyond debate.  The city is wiped out, 300,000 people have become homeless overnight, and thousands are injured, dead, or still missing.  This explosion follows a financial crisis ( that has collapsed the country, in addition to the damage COVID-19 has done. 
What Lebanese people need more than anything, and the best thing we can do from abroad, is to donate as much as we can to non-governmental organizations that are helping people on the ground. 

Please consider becoming involved, and if you intern, please spread the information,

In solidarity with the Lebanese people,


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