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Sea Level Rise in Coastal Maine by Magill Lamarre

I live on Higgins Beach, in Scarborough, Maine. Maine itself relies heavily on the ocean and its beautiful coastline for tourism, the seafood industry and a balanced ecosystem, and the changes to the ocean pH and sea levels could have a devastating effect on those living close to the water, as well as the economy. Continue reading “Sea Level Rise in Coastal Maine by Magill Lamarre”

Blue Sky, Green Trees, Snowy Floor

The clean Vermont air was the perfect fix for a Spring break getaway. Every now and then an escape from the busyness of New York City reminds me that nature doesn’t have to be concentrated entirely in the city parks! Above you’ll see a photo that I took while skiing. What speaks to me inContinue reading “Blue Sky, Green Trees, Snowy Floor”

A Hen on My Way Through Spring Break

At the bottom of this photo you should see a chicken that I saw at a garden local to Morningside Heights. As somebody passionate about sustainable food systems, urban gardens excite me for their community-based approach to solving systemic problems in our nation’s food system. Alongside providing tiny pockets of carbon sinks and habitats forContinue reading “A Hen on My Way Through Spring Break”

Making Connections with Environmental Law Concepts during the Summer and COVID-19 Pandemic

While it was sad to leave campus when Barnard and Columbia moved to virtual classes, studying during the spring and spending the summer at home afforded me new opportunities to engage with the concepts covered in Professor Neacsu’s Spring 2020 Environmental Law class. During the Environmental Law class, I became particularly fascinated with the Clean Water ActContinue reading “Making Connections with Environmental Law Concepts during the Summer and COVID-19 Pandemic”

Environmental Disaster – Beirut

You’ve probably heard this news by now:  A major explosion happened on Tuesday August 4th in the capital of Lebanon, Beirut. While not nuclear, some say it’s the most destructive explosion in record after Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  News outlets all over the world have reported on it, you can follow here  While the cause of thisContinue reading “Environmental Disaster – Beirut”

United States of America v. Maldonado-Passage

U.S. District CourtWestern District of Oklahoma (Oklahoma City) CRIMINAL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 5:18-cr-00227-SLP All Defendants DOCKET INFORMATION Minimize   DATE FILED Sep 5, 2018   STATUS APPEAL, CLOSED, DET, _PTC   ASSIGNED TO Honorable Scott L. Palk   DATE TERMINATED 2020-01-23   DISTRICT   Appeals court case number: 20-6010 Tenth Circuit DESCRIPTION SEALED INDICTMENTContinue reading “United States of America v. Maldonado-Passage”

USCSA Nationals Experience with COVID-19 and Climate Change (Caroline Crowell)

A few weeks ago, I went up to Lake Placid to compete in USCSA nationals for alpine ski racing with the Columbia ski team. The competition was supposed to take place over 6 days, Monday through Saturday, with different disciplines competing and training on different days. The races took place at Whiteface Mountain, which isContinue reading “USCSA Nationals Experience with COVID-19 and Climate Change (Caroline Crowell)”